Onvest’s new office space is more than an office

In the lobby, you can already sense the elegance of the property, which gives way to a modern, multifunctional but cosy office space as you move further inwards. Onvest’s new office in Vallila, Helsinki, combines the distinguished history of a family office with a modern, comfortable atmosphere.

Onvest began operating as a new company at the beginning of May 2018. At the same time, the company moved into new premises in Vallila. The office at Teollisuuskatu 33 is located in Onvest’s own property, at the heart of a continuously evolving area.

“This place is easy to reach from all directions and the transport connections are excellent via public transport, and by car and bicycle,” says Hanna Ekdahl, Head of Real Estate Investments at Onvest.

This modifiable workspace has two open, clover-shaped desks for six persons; three meeting rooms; quiet working space; and comfortable kitchen and lounge areas. The handprint of Onvest’s own employees can be seen in the facility they designed together with a design agency. It is easy to feel comfortable here.

Wellbeing and ecology first

The renovation of the property at Teollisuuskatu 33 was completed in 2017. The full range of services are available in this modern, multipurpose office: tenants have shared lobby services, their own restaurant, conference rooms, a gym and saunas. More services and a wide variety of lunch spots can be found nearby.

Ecology is a priority at Teollisuuskatu 33. The property uses solar power, which can reduce the unnecessary consumption of purchased electricity. These energy-efficient facilities provide tenants with a pleasant and efficient work environment.

“At Onvest, we encourage employees to take care of both their physical and mental wellbeing. These premises, with their inspirational workspace and gym, truly foster the achievement of such a balance. We are very active users of the gym,” says Hanna Ekdahl.

Entering a new phase

Onvest is entering a new phase following the demerger. The Board is currently working on a new strategy and the recruitment of a CEO is underway.

“The new, dynamic facilities provide an excellent framework for developing our business. We will continue operating like a traditional Finnish family business – but with the ability to renew ourselves,” says Hanna Ekdahl.

Teollisuuskatu 33 has free office space, which will be tailored to the tenants’ needs. The property has 8,000m² of leasable space in total. View the available spaces here.