“Saving lives cannot be a question of money” – Family enterprise Onvest donates to the Finnish Lifeboat Institution, doubling government support sum

Onvest, a family company specialising in investment and real estate, has donated EUR 200,000 to the Finnish Lifeboat Institution (FLI), a volunteer organisation for maritime search and rescue. Recent discussions about maritime safety and the organisation’s financial difficulties inspired Onvest to act quickly.

Through the donation, Onvest wants to promote maritime safety and guarantee resources for the FLI, enabling volunteers to respond to a growing number of rescue missions in the years to come.

“The news about the Finnish Lifeboat Institution’s difficult situation was an eye-opener for us. Safety and responsibility have been our core values since the beginning. Therefore, we wanted to donate resources to support the Finnish Lifeboat Institution’s valuable work and to help secure safe maritime transportation in Finland. Many of us at Onvest were personally touched by the subject, as our personnel includes some passionate boaters. Saving lives cannot be a question of money,” says Kalle Kekkonen, Managing Director of Onvest.

Founded in 1897, the FLI is the national umbrella organisation for volunteer maritime rescue associations in Finland. The main purpose of the FLI is to assist people in distress along the coast and on inland waters. The organisation also promotes boating safety and good seafaring practice. The FLI helps more than 3,000 people annually, but its funding no longer covers all rescue operations. The Finnish government directly supports the organisation with a sum of around EUR 200,000 per year, or 5% of the institution’s annual budget.

“Without the additional EUR 200,000 from Onvest, the lack of funds for reparations would probably have forced us to dock some of our rescue vessels before the end of this season. At worst, this could have put boaters’ lives at risk,” says Jori Nordström, Managing Director of the FLI.

Onvest is a Finnish family-owned investment company with its origins dating back over a hundred years.

Additional information:

Kalle Kekkonen
Managing Director, Onvest Oy
+358 20 111 5101

Jori Nordström
Toimitusjohtaja, Suomen Meripelastusseura ry
+358 400 656 171