Ficolo invests over EUR 50 million in a data center located in a real estate owned by Onvest

Onvest and Ficolo Oy have signed a long-term lease agreement and a project agreement regarding a property owned by Onvest in Vantaa, Finland. The property proved to be ideal for operating a data center in terms of location, security, electricity supply, as well as opportunities for heat recovery.

“We are proud to be able to offer Ficolo premises suitable for a data center as well as our property development expertise. Ficolo’s investments in data center operations in our property will be over EUR 50 million. It’s great to see that through our cooperation agreements Ficolo will grow to become the largest domestic player in the Finnish market,” says Hanna Ekdahl, Head of Real Estate Investments at Onvest.

The total area of the real estate owned by Onvest is over 8 hectares, and in addition to Ficolo’s data center, the site has thousands of square metres of available permitted building volume. The real estate is located in an area with excellent logistic connections. “Our real estate in Vantaa will be one of our most interesting property development projects in the near future,” comments Hanna Ekdahl.

Further information:

Hanna Ekdahl,
Head of Real Estate Investments,,
tel. +358 40 847 9373