We are an active owner in Finnish companies.

Our operations currently consist of over 200 million euros in net assets, which are widely diversified in different asset classes. In accordance with our strategy, we aim to increase the number of target companies in the future.

Onvest as an investor:

  • We are a sector neutral investor
  • No predefined investment horizon
  • In majority investments we focus on unlisted companies
  • In minority investments we take both unlisted and listed companies into consideration
  • We are an active owner and we require a board seat in the companies we own
  • In addition to equity, we can also provide debt funding

Our quality criteria for investments:

  • The company has a leading market position or aims to reach that via a series of acquisitions
  • The barrier of entry for competing companies should be high
  • The company’s management has a clear strategy and goals
  • The company’s management wants to commit to the company also through ownership

Our financial criteria for investments:

  • The company’s operations are well established and profitable
  • The company’s cash flow is positive
  • Our average investment is around 10-50 million euros

Prerequisites for target companies:

  • The company’s headquarters are in Finland
  • The company can, in addition to the Finnish market, operate or aim to operate globally
  • The company operates in a sustainable and responsible way

Our companies

Harvia Oyj

Harvia Oyj is the world’s leading sauna and spa company. Established in 1950, the Finnish sauna heater manufacturer has grown into an internationally known brand, whose technologically advanced products are imported to more than 84 countries.

Share of ownership 4,4%.