Onvest accelerates the development of its over 8-hectare property in Vantaa

Family-owned company Onvest speeds up the development of its real estate at Mittalinja 1 in Vantaa. The total area of the site is more than eight hectares. In addition to the already existing Ficolo The Air Cloud Delivery Center, the site has plenty of unused permitted building volume.

“The real estate at Mittalinja 1 is situated in a prominent location alongside main routes, and in the future, we want to develop it in a versatile way. The area is ideal for data center type of business in many ways, but at this point, we are openly exploring other alternatives for future development, as well. However, our focus is on wanting to make choices that aim to reduce the carbon footprint. For example, the heat produced by the data center in the area could be used for heating future projects,” says Hanna Ekdahl, Head of Real Estate Investments at Onvest Oy.

As part of the development project, a five-floor office building built in the early 1980s will be demolished. The demolition work on the site will begin inside the building in September 2020, and according to a preliminary estimate, will be visible from the outside from October onwards. The goal is to have the building demolished by the end of this year.

“The office building located in the area has reached the end of its life, and the local public transportation connections do not support office use. The demolition decision was particularly influenced by the old-fashioned structural solutions of the building, which are not suited for modern, versatile office use, nor for alternative uses,” says Ekdahl.

Purkupiha Oy has been selected to carry out the demolition work. The work will be carried out in a manner that is as environmentally sound as possible: approximately 98 percent of the demolition waste will be recycled. Concrete and brick waste will be recycled to be used in earthworks, scrap metal will be used in the steel industry via foundries, and all wood-based and energy waste is sent to power plants to be used as recycled fuel.

“We are currently exploring several different future uses, some of which we have already tested with architects. Our real estate development site is located near the intersection of different operations, which also offers an opportunity to look into some surprising alternatives,” Ekdahl says.

Photo: Ficolo The Air – Cloud Delivery Center