Onvest to become largest owner of SOK headquarters in Vallila

Onvest, a family-owned company specialized in investment and real estate, has made its first real estate investment in accordance with the new Onvest strategy.

Onvest has acquired a share of 15 percent in the Swedish property investment company Fleming Properties AB. In early October, Fleming Properties acquired SOK’s headquarters in Helsinki’s Vallila district for EUR 130 million, after which all shares in Fleming Properties were listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in Stockholm. SOK properties in Vallila are the sole investment of Fleming Properties.

“Fleming Properties is a prime example of our agile way of making real estate investments. The target property, SOK headquarters, and the whole Vallila area are extremely interesting real estate targets for an investor. Our own headquarters, Vallila33 Business Park, is also located in the same area. However, in large and valuable real estate investments, such as the SOK headquarters, we only co-invest with partners. When we were offered an opportunity to become a cornerstone investor in Fleming Properties, we gladly took the opportunity”, says Hanna Ekdahl, Head of Real Estate Investments at Onvest and newly appointed Chairman of The Board of Fleming Properties.

The whole office block property, known in Finland as Ässäkeskus, comprises approximately 41,000 square metres of lettable area and 500 parking spaces. The area is undergoing extensive renovation, estimated to be completed in the first half of 2020.

Onvest is interested in participating in larger co-investments also in the future, and actively seeking potential property investment targets and co-operation partners. The company wants to invest in targets where Onvest can take an active role in the Board.

”Our real estate business focuses, above all, on owning and developing commercial real estate across Finland. As an established Finnish family office, we are a reliable and flexible partner”, Ekdahl continues.

Additional information:

Hanna Ekdahl
Head of Real Estate Investments, Onvestia Oy
Chairman of The Board, Fleming Properties AB


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