Onvest is a Finnish family office with over 100 years experience. Our operations are founded on commitment, responsibility and ability to reform.


Our real estate business and the steel service provider Feon Oy are the cornerstones of our operations. Onvest is a solvent and debt-free company that develops its business with commitment and responsibility. The new Onvest started its operations in early May 2018.



Our real estate business is focused on investing and developing of logistics, retail and office properties in Finland. Onvest is a committed and flexible partner who answers to its customers’ needs in agile and professional way.

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Our aim is to ensure the stable performance and controlled risk-taking of our financial assets. The value of financial assets controlled by Onvest is approximately EUR 150 million.


Feon Oy is a steel service provider for machinery and equipment manufacturers and steel and metal constructors. Feon provides its customers with basic structural steel grades and profiles, special steel grades, innovative construction systems and a wide range of pretreatment services.



Managing Director

As the Managing Director, Kalle Kekkonen is responsible for Onvest’s business development and management. He is also in charge of Onvest’s investment operations including direct investments. Kalle has nearly 15 years of experience in transactions both in Finland and internationally and wide experience in management positions in corporate finance. Before joining Onvest in October 2018 he acted as Head of Alliances and Acquisitions at KONE and has previously worked e.g. at Carnegie Investment Bank. As a leader, Kalle is goal-driven, open and supportive and strongly believes in team-based, equal leadership. In his free time, Kalle keeps busy with his little child and active hobbies such as travelling, golf and downhill skiing.

kalle.kekkonen@onvest.fi, tel. +358 20 111 5101
Head of Real Estate Investments

Hanna Ekdahl is the Head of Real Estate Investments and also acts as a secretary of Onvest’s Board. Hanna served as the General Counsel and management team member of the former Onvest Group for over 6 years. In her position, she was responsible for Onvest’s real estate transactions, as well as the negotiations on the major mergers and acquisitions. Hanna has had a keen interest in real estate business also in her previous positions both at SOK and as an attorney at law at Castrén & Snellman where her clientele were mainly in real estate. She is a creative and inspiring leader, with an efficient and flexible approach to her work. During her free time, Hanna’s school-aged children and energetic hobbies, such as synchronised skating and snowboarding, keep her busy.

hanna.ekdahl@onvest.fi, tel. +358 20 111 5103
Mikko Heikkilä
Investment manager

Mikko Heikkilä is an investment manager at Onvest. He is responsible for mapping new investments as well as developing existing and future target companies. Before joining Onvest in August 2019, Mikko worked at McKinsey, where he was responsible for developing operations and core operations and improving efficiency. This engaging and inspirational investment manager takes things forward with determination and efficiency. He believes that in bringing about change, people need to be excited to develop more efficient operating models. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports.

mikko.heikkila@onvest.fi, tel. +358 20 111 5108
Junior Asset Manager

As a customer-oriented Junior Asset Manager at Onvest, Laura Hostikka listens to our customers with a close ear and manages stakeholder relations. Laura joined to strengthen the Onvest real estate operations in 2016 from S Group, where she worked for over six years as a real estate specialist, among other positions. Laura has broad expertise in the sector, and she is passionate about issues related to responsibility and the environment. She creates a positive atmosphere through her presence, and does not hesitate to jump into the action. Her courage also presents as a desire to discover the world through reading, experiencing and travelling.

laura.hostikka@onvest.fi, tel. +358 20 111 5105
Office Manager

As Office Manager, Leila Mattila is responsible for ensuring that clerical matters and transactions function smoothly. Her duties also include supportive tasks for real estate operations. Leila has a strong background of nearly 40 years with the Onvest Group, having served in positions such as Office Manager at Onninen and, most recently, as Cash Manager at the former Onvest. Leila is an avid art enthusiast and paints regularly in her free time.

leila.mattila@onvest.fi, tel. +358 20 111 5102
Development Manager

Petri Viiala works as the Development Manager and Real Estate Operations Controller at Onvest. Petri is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and smooth operation of data and financial administration. He has over 30 years of experience in the former Onvest Group as an Internal Auditor of the Group, as well as in financial administration tasks in Onninen and on international assignments in Poland and Norway. Petri handles the big picture in demanding projects with a professional and thorough approach, and ensures that processes function efficiently. On spare time, his keyboard makes way for cutlery or construction tools, as Petri tours the world in culinary pursuits or works on projects at his summer villa.

petri.viiala@onvest.fi, tel. +358 20 111 5107

Board of Directors

Arja Talma

Chair of the Board
M.Sc (Finance), eMBA

Board memberships:
Serena Properties AB 2016– (chair), Verkkokauppa.com Oyj 2018–, Mehiläinen Oy 2017–, Posti Group Oyj 2016–, Metso Corporation 2016–,  Aktia Bank Plc 2013–, Sponda Plc 2007–2017

Juho Lipsanen

M.Sc (Econ.)
Venture Partner, Alder AB

Board memberships:
Aidon 2013–, Attido Oy 2017–, ARC Technology 2010–, Coronaria 2008–, Gasmet 2015–, Hollming Oy 2017–, Isku 2011–, Lato 2015–, Marva Group 2008–, Satel 2014–

Jarkko Ruohola

Attorney-at-Law, LL.M trained on the bench, Managing Partner at Lukander Ruohola HTO Attorneys

Positions of responsibility:
Finnish Bar Association, President 2016–, International Bar Association, Councillor 2013–, MSI Global Alliance, Member of Management Board 2011–

Maria Toivanen-Warras

 Shareholder, representative of the owner family

Risto Tornivaara

Senior Advisor, The Finnish Innovation Fund
Senior Advisor, Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch

Board memberships/Positions of responsibility:
Danske Finance Ltd 2013– (chair), MB Equity Partners Ltd 2013–, Gas Exchange Ltd 2014–2016, Luottokunta 2002–2012, Fennia, Supervisory Board 2016–, Finance Finland 2016 (chair), Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) 2016, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Election Committee 2017–2018


19th February, 1913

The plumbing contractor company A. Onninen is founded in Turku by businessman Alfred Onninen.


Onninen begins a strong drive towards internationalisation. Subsidiaries are founded in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

10th January, 1997

Onvest Oy is founded as the Group’s parent company, with the subsidiaries Onninen and Are.


Onninen establishes a steel service centre in Hattula.


Feon Oy is founded, with a focus on providing steel services.

Onvest Oy sells the entire share capital of Onninen Oy to Kesko Corporation.

Business operations of Onvest Oy consist of real estate operations, steel service provider Feon, technical building services provider Are, and investment operations.


Business operations of Onvest Oy are demerged into two new companies: Onvest Oy and Conficap Oy.

After the demerger, Onvest Oy’s operations consist of real estate business, investment operations and the steel service provider Feon. Are Group is transferred under the ownership of Conficap Oy.