Our strategy aims for a sustained increase in value
To a great extent, our operations and strategy are shaped by our values as a family-owned company. As an operator with a long-term outlook, we seek to develop the portfolio companies and real estate properties across generations and business cycles. Aside from the long-term approach, agility is another hallmark of our strategy. We are an unbiased and efficient operator – and passionately committed to creating something new.

Strategic focal points and objectives by business area:

Real Estate Business
Steel Service Operations
Industrial Holdings
Wood construction
Strategic focal points
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Long-term ownership and a high standard of property maintenance
  • Lessee experience
  • Real estate development and digitalisation solutions
  • Value generation for stakeholders
  • Excellent customer experience
  • Reliability and security of supply
  • Updating of old practices
  • Efficiency and digital solutions
  • Sustainability and a long-term approach
  • Active ownership
  • Innovative solutions
  • Support for intra-group synergies
  • Ecology and sustainability
  • The mainstreaming of wood construction
  • New innovative solutions
  • Business growth

Committed to creating lasting sustainable value


Committed to making Feon Oy Finland’s leading steel products wholesaler

Committed to turning Finnish industrial companies into market leaders

Become Finland’s leading wood builder through subsidiaries

Real Estate Business

We own, develop and lease real estate properties in Finland for commercial use. We are a customer-oriented, responsible and flexible partner. Our solid expertise in this line of business is based on extensive experience in real estate operations.

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Steel Services

Steel Services account for a considerable percentage of the Group’s business operations carried out by our wholly owned subsidiary Feon. Our strategic goal is to make Feon the industry leader in Finland.

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Industrial Holdings

We serve as a partner for growth for the industrial companies in our portfolio and wish to be involved in creating Finnish success stories. We are an active long-term owner. We are intent on increasing the number of our industrial holdings in the future.

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Wood construction

We operate our wood construction business through Teijo-Talot. As an active and sustainable owner, we implement the companies' growth strategy and are developing Finnish wood construction as an industry. Onvest's goal is to become Finland's leading wood builder through its subsidiaries.

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