Wood construction

We are an enabler of healthy and safe wooden buildings

Overview and strategy

We operate our wood construction business through Teijo-Talot. The company is pioneer in modular wood construction. As an active and sustainable owner, we implement the companies' growth strategy and are developing Finnish wood construction as an industry.

Our vision of the future of building is in wood construction. The construction industry is a significant producer of carbon emissions, but with wood construction we are able to create carbon sinks instead of increasing emissions, so we get a positive net effect. In addition to supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly construction, we aim to develop a cost-effective construction method alongside traditional construction methods.

Teijo-Talot's module factories are located in Perniö, Tuulos and Halsua.

Onvest's goal is to become Finland's leading wood builder through its subsidiaries.

Onvest-owned businesses

Teijo-talot Oy

Teijo-Talot Oy is a company focused on modular wood construction, whose core expertise is school, daycare and nursing home construction for the public sector and private service providers. The buildings are always completely protected from the weather and are 100% movable.

Share of ownership:
100 %