Partner for sustainable growth

Being a partner for sustainable growth calls for sustainable action. Hence, we take sustainability as the serious business it is. As stated in our mission, we grow and develop companies and properties through generations. One of the most important aspects in accomplishing this mission is sustainability. As an active and responsible owner, we promote sustainability through board service, among other things.

Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to promoting all the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As part of the Group’s sustainability policy, we have specifically identified five goals as a guideline for our sustainability efforts. We measure and report on the progress of our sustainability action at both subsidiary and Group level.

We seek to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our stakeholders

We promote sustainable employment and economic growth

We promote sustainable long-term activities in our business operations

We take action in response to climate change by harnessing technology and research

We promote ethical and sustainable partnerships

Our sustainability themes

We are close to people

We encourage people and treat them as equals. As satisfied employees are an important asset to us, we invest in job satisfaction, wellness at work and lifelong learning.

We take care of the environment

We seek to reduce emissions by making climate-friendly choices. We encourage our business areas and stakeholders to act responsibly in a way that is environmentally sustainable. At the same time, we invest in the circular economy and continual product development.

We serve as partners for sustainable growth

We are a fair and ethical partner that contributes to the greater good of society. We are sustainable investor and expect our business areas and stakeholders to act ethically and sustainably. We abide by the same principles we expect others to comply with. We give due consideration to the risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

Our sustainability principles

We promote the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies

We support initiatives for the sustainable use of natural resources

We comply with the principles of sound corporate governance and respect human rights

We maintain strong financial solvency

We respect the environment and minimise environmental impacts by applying the precautionary principle

We are committed to fair business practices and seek to avoid conflicts of interests

We are customer-oriented and respect confidentiality

We communicate clearly and transparently

We promote the adoption of and compliance with the principles of sustainable investment

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